Water-Neutrality is the fresh trend you will start hearing about

In just a few months your favorite brands were going / announcing future steps towards being carbon neutral (read more here)

Is water-neutral the next big thing?

Know your thing: Fashion is thirsty

By 2025, 2/3 of the planet will not have access to fresh water.
You need to know that the fashion industry is really thirsty.
Re-using treated water and minimizing waste at the same time could be the option.

What does water-neutral mean?

In short: reducing the water footprint as much as possible.
It means stopping any waste of even the tiniest drop of water and/or compensating for the water that cannot be used again. Basically the concept is very similar to carbon-neutrality. Easy.

Brands becoming water-neutral?

Breaking it down, to become water-neutral they need to:


do the ‘’maximum’’ to reduce existing water footprint(reducing, re-using and cleaning fresh water)

Compensate the lost water by investing in or supporting water
saving projects in proportion of the lost water.

Stay in check

Brands being water-neutral should keep both action #1 and #2 in check. Compensating for water only is an over-stretch of water-neutrality just like carbon neutrality.

Spot on facts to tell everyone else over coffee

The fashion industry uses 1/10 of all the water used industrially.

2700 liters of water are used for only one t-shirt.

How to be the best at saving water?

Start by switching your jeans and basics buying habits.

find sustainable jeans

Find sustainable jeans

find sustainable basics

Find sustainable basics


4 pieces on Sustainable Fashion you need to check out

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How To Be More Sustainable In 2020, As Advised By 8 Fashion Insiders

For 2020, you may have noticed an uptick in conversation around resolutions that revolve around reducing environmental impact.

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The start of a new year serves as a time of both reflection and goal setting. Chat to your friends and you’ll find this often manifests in the form of personal objectives like eating healthier or prioritizing financial stability. However, for 2020, you may have noticed an uptick in conversation around resolutions that revolve around reducing environmental impact. The question that’s on just about everyone’s lips is how can I be more sustainable? Through the lens of fashion […]

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Is cashmere bad for the planet?

Should we be purchasing the luxury material if we want to support sustainability?

Sustainable materials and news in one place

We are entering a new age in fashion where, with every single purchase we make, we need to stand back and consider exactly what it is that we are buying and how it might impact our planet. In light of this, cashmere stands out as a bit of a contentious […]

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The Fashion Roadman Breaks Down Sustainable Fashion (For Dummies)

Sustainability and ethics are things that I believe people in fashion should take more seriously. In today’s video I have highlighted the importance.

Sustainability and ethics are things that I believe people in fashion should take more seriously. In today's video I have highlighted the importance.

Host, Odunayo Ojo, spells out sustainability for those who have no clue or are unassuming to the fashion industries ploys and pander to the idea. Get up-to-date on the status quo of sustainable fashion and ethical practices […]

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Bafta attendees have been asked to rewear old dresses on the red carpet

As is the same in every industry, awards shows are facing questions over their environmental footprint, with many of them making huge strides towards being more sustainable […]

Bafta attendees have been asked to rewear old dresses on the red carpet

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3 materials to avoid if you want to dress sustainably

No overload of information: let’s start with the worst 3 materials to avoid at all cost if dressing sustainably is at the top of your list for a conscious 2020. Fashion is more damaging than the transportation and aviation industries together; we might all already know that. 
But no panic, do something.

The main materials to avoid in order to minimize your impact
#1: Acrylic

no no fabric is acrylic: for starters, it is not easily recycled nor is it readily biodegradable. Not to mention the high toxic substances it involves during manufacturing that are very dangerous to human health.

3 materials to avoid if you want to dress sustainably

The main materials to avoid in order to minimize your impact
#2: Fur

Long gone are the days when we need some creature’s skin to feel warm. It is not a coincidence that some countries have come to ban fur farming (Norway, Japan, UK, Belgium) and large cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco have banned fur sales.

3 materials to avoid if you want to dress sustainably

The main materials to avoid in order to minimize your impact
#3: Viscose

Chemicals all over! Viscose is one of other wood-based fabrics that makes use of hazardous chemicals and natural resources (the plantation of these trees has been linked to the destruction of the Rainforest).

More info is yet to come: other bad materials vs innovative ones we could definitely start loving.

Know your thing.

Photos: Mother of Pearl; Osklen


A Sustainable collaboration between By Malene Birger and Net-a-Porter

A new sustainable collection has just been launched! 
Born from a collaboration between the Danish brand By Malene Birger and Net-a-Porter, the 9 pieces fell under Renoon’s radar: some of them made with fully certified organic cotton and soft colors made to last..Based on Renoon’s sustainability framework, we have a sustainable edit that you can look at knowing it is all 100% safe to buy. 

A plus? The face of the collaboration is Doina Ciobanu, model and sustainability activist.

Renoon’s Conscious Edit

Made with Sustainable Materials that meet our high standards, By Malene Birger’s conscious collection features versatile pieces. What’s your favorite?

Boea organic cotton-jersey T-shirt versatile by malene birger net a porter

Boea organic cotton-jersey T-shirt
€85.00View on Net-a-Porter

Kyra crinkled-organic cotton top by malene birger net a porter

Kyra crinkled-organic cotton top

View on Net-a-Porter

Akania frayed organic denim mini skirt

Akania frayed organic denim mini skirt

View on Net-a-Porter

BY MALENE BIRGER Helia frayed high-rise straight-leg jeans

Helia frayed high-rise straight-leg jeans

View on Net-a-Porter

Fleroya crinkled-organic cotton dress

Fleroya crinkled-organic cotton dress

View on Net-a-Porter

BY MALENE BIRGER + NET SUSTAIN Breonia frayed ruffled organic denim blouse

Breonia frayed ruffled organic denim blouse

View on Net-a-Porter

BY MALENE BIRGER + NET SUSTAIN Magdelena frayed organic denim coat

Magdelena frayed organic denim coat

View on Net-a-Porter

View the latest Sustainable items on Renoon


Why are your fashion brands turning carbon neutral?

Carbon neutrality is the new fashion must-have. What do scientists, environmentalists and brands have to say? Is going carbon neutral going to solve our problems? 

Know your thing

This is the guide you need, so next time you read “we are carbon neutral” from a fashion brand you will know your thing.

carbon neutrality brands fashion eco-friendly

Photo: Gabriela Hearst show SS20, a Sheep Inc wool jumper and Ganni 10%: this is the big share the fashion industry accounts for in the global greenhouse gas emissions (according to the United Nations). If it continues like this, it could use more than 25% of the world’s annual carbon budget by 2050..Brands are recognizing this fact and acting for a change.

What does “carbon neutral” mean?

Just because we exist, we emit greenhouse gases. Among them, CO2 is the most known. Going carbon neutral actually means balancing out what was emitted to make it equal to 0. There are 2 ways to do it:

what does carbon neutral mean fashion

#1Reducing emissionsThis means that actually what is reduced has never been emitted at all.

Why are your fashion brands turning carbon neutral?

#2Offsetting emissionsThis means that after CO2 and other gases are emitted they are compensated by brands who donate money to causes that balance things out.

What is the difference between reducing and offsetting?

Well, the first one is always the most preferred one because it means that the brand as a whole or some of its collections are not emitting at all those gases.

But of course, some emissions happen in the making of a product (remember: we emit just by existing). These emissions can be offset. 

However, it is important that brands do not only commit to donate and balance their pollution out. This is very true also because experts states that there are many ways in which offsets can go wrong and become ineffective or even harmful to communities. 

Sometimes: offsets = pay to pollute

If offsets are so risky, why is it still important for brands to do them?

Even though offsets should be handled with care, the money they provide to farmers and other private landowners can actually make a good difference allowing for more regenerative agriculture practices. 

In the end, according to experts our world is not going to be saved by offsets. But that’s not a reason to totally do away with them. An offset is one step… It’s a way of starting to move the needle in the right direction.

Want to dig deeper? You can read more on –>

What to do in practice?

Ask brands to be more transparent on their practices. What do they mean with carbon neutral? Are they just paying off entirely their emissions for their collection or are they actually taking steps to reduce the carbon emissions?


More on Materials: What is TENCEL™?

TENCEL™ is an increasingly used material for sustainable products, collections and can be found on many items listed on Renoon.

But what is it and where does it come from?

More on Materials. READ ALSOWhat is ECONYL®?.

sustainble tencel what is it

What is TENCEL™: 
what is it? 

The fibers originate from the renewable raw material wood, created by photosynthesis.

The manufacturing process involves an environmentally responsible production method (also referred as “closed loop system”).

The fibers are certified as compostable and biodegradable. 
The circle is respected here: TENCEL™ can fully revert back to nature. 


What is TENCEL™: 
a cotton alternative? 

TENCEL™ fibers help maintain environmental balance by being integrated into nature’s cycle. 
Manufacturing Tencel also requires less energy and water than cotton.
Conclusion: a great alternative to cotton.(For those who appreciate numbers: cotton, especially when industrially farmed to satisfy global demand, uses up to 20 times more water than  TENCEL™).

which products can be made with this material?

Basics, Jeans, Tees, Dresses, Pants and more. See what’s available via Renoon:

Renoon - Find Sustainable Fashion


An additional note: all TENCEL™ fibers are available with FSC® (C041246) or 
PEFC™ certification upon request, and have been certified as Biobased under the BioPreferred® Program of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, a governmental body.


What if Your Next Puffer Coat could be filled with Flower Petals, Not Feathers?

PANGAIA Introduces 100% Recyclable FLWRDWN Puffer Jackets after 10 years of development. 

As the cold creeps upon us, how are you planning to keep warm? Biodegradable elements: natural flowers, biopolymers and aerogel

flwrdwn pangaia puffy jacket

PANGAIA has created an alternative to the old goose, duck down (full of bad bacteria and produced under cruel circumstances) and the synthetic polyester fibers:”We have created a breakthrough vegan technology, where science meets nature to change the way the world views its fashion choices. Our ​proprietary ​technology​ has taken our scientists 10 years of extensive in-lab research and development to bring you an alternative.” – PANGAIA’s team. 

Not only warm, hypoallergenic and breathable

pangaia puffy jacket flwrdwn

But also cruelty free. PANGAIA sources the wild flowers used for the puffer jackets’ fillings from areas which contribute to habitat restoration and help conserve a species of local butterflies. This type of regenerative agriculture reduces greenhouse gas production and preserves groundwater.

Made in Italy,  filled with soft, vegan FLWRDWN

You can shop them starting December 4th

pangaia jacket dawn vegan

Shop on PANGAIA’s

Puffer jacket short—off white pangaia flower down vegan

Shop on PANGAIA’s

Puffer jacket long—navy pangaia sustainable

Shop on PANGAIA’s


Biodegradable Jeans: a collaboration between Stella McCartney and Candiani Denim

Sustainably made jeans can now be 100% biodegradable. What were we missing before? Elastane. Not that we want to get too technical, but making our jeans cosy and stretchy requires synthetic and petrol-based elastomers.

Not anymore.

Stella McCartney is partnering with Candiani, a family owned denim mill committed to sustainability, that has patented Coreva Stretch Technology.

How hi-tech!

What is the innovation all about?

Alberto Candiani, owner of the mill, shared,

“In a world where resources are diminishing and landfills are overflowing with discarded garments, it’s our duty to look for renewable resources, in addition to biodegradable and compostable materials. Denim has to take the lead as the indigo flag of this revolution and we are thrilled to be working alongside Stella McCartney to share our innovation and beliefs with the wider fashion industry” 

What’s more is that the fabric is made with two smart-dyeing techniques during production – explains Candiani – reducing the consumption of waterenergy and chemicals used in the dyeing and laundry processes.

So, where can you find this pair of jeans? 
Stay on the watch on


Sustainable Hemp: more than you needed to know

It’s not new. For thousands of years, hemp fiber (also Cannabis sativa) has been used in many forms (paper, rope, cloth and fuel). Its cousin? Marijuana.It’s not what you think: hemp comes without the mind-altering THC (just in case, somebody was already having non-sober thoughts). .For fashion and clothing? Hemp has (until now) been misunderstood and disregarded: it was classified as a schedule one drug and banned under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 in USA until 2018..What other benefits are we uncovering now?.

sustainable hemp fashion

Hemp: a sustainable alternative

The oldest known woven fabric was made from hemp, as were Levi Strauss’ original denim jeans, and the first American flag. It was a common material for clothing until the cotton industry gained strength in America..

Forbes reports: Morris Beegle, co-founder and president of WAFBA (We Are For Better Alternatives) is a staunch advocate of industrial hemp.

“Hemp is a more sustainable, organic and regenerative agricultural crop, and most everything that you can make with cotton or soy or corn can be made with hemp – with way less impact on the Earth.

He is passionate about replacing unsustainable agricultural practices. “Industrial agriculture is one of the greatest drivers, maybe even the biggest driver, of climate change,” he says.

So, hemp is remarkably hardy, requires very little water, and its versatility allows for multiple applications.

What are the perfect items to buy made of hemp?

A must-try are jackets and pants. Durable, breathable and good on your skin. 

sustainable hemp where to find products

€179.00View more on Ecoalf

sustainable WIDE TROUSERS WITH PLEATS hemp Ecoalf

Last size available: M
View more on Ecoalf

Where to buy fashion made of hemp?

Subscribe to Renoon’s newsletter to know when the hemp category will be ready. Can’t wait to find items made of sustainable hemp? Download the app for early access: 


sustainable fashion app
sustainable fashion app

Foto: Seeker US


What is ECONYL®?

New products and a better environment: can we have both? 
If only we could create new products and use no new resources.

Maybe we can. With materials made with ECONYL® we can close loops: nothing is created from new resource and nothing is lost.

What is ECONYL® exactly?

ECONYL® is regenerated nylon made from waste sitting in landfills and oceans around the world.
Normal (virgin) nylon is a material made from petroleum.
ECONYL® is not.
Tapping into resources that could otherwise be polluting waste, this material is also infinitely recyclable.

How is ECONYL® made?

ECONYL® is regenerated nylon made from fishing nets, fabric scraps and industrial nylon waste.
Through a radical regeneration and purification process, the nylon waste is recycled right back to its original purity and ready for infinite possibilities.

Where can I find products made with ECONYL®?

Discover brands using ECONYL®:

View full list of products